Televic Unite

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Unite AP4 | digitalt aksesspunkt, 4 kanaler, DECT

The Unite AP4 access point is a multifunctional device with various applications such as interpreting, assistive listening and wireless microphone.

Unite RP | digital mottagare, DECT

The Unite RP bodypack receiver is ideal for guided tours, interpretation applications and assistive listening. More guides or speakers can also be integrated, with up to three people speaking simultaneously within one larger group. Headphones or an induction loop for people with hearing aids can be connected to the mini jack connection (3.5 mm).

Unite RP-T | digital mottagare med mikrofon, DECT

The compact Unite RP-T bodypack receiver has the exact same features as the Unite RP with a OLED display, a 3.5mm mini jack connection, USB type C for audio, integrated Li-Ion battery, and included belt clip and removable neck strap.

Unite TH | digital handhållen sändare, DECT

The Unite TH is a versatile digital handheld transmitter that offers freedom of movement. Thanks to its integrated digital signal processor (DSP), it is possible to both automatically adjust the microphone amplification and block out background noise. It delivers a long operational time and user flexibility thanks to a menu with numerous setting options. The device can be configured via this menu or via a Unite cockpit charger and Unite Manager PC software.

Unite TP | digital ficksändare, DECT

The Unite TP bodypack transmitter is optimized for speech applications - e.g. guided tours, multilingual interpretation, intercom and assistive listening - and integrates a DSP function. It can also be used as a wireless microphone system, and up to two other Unite transmitters can speak together.