Televic D-Cerno

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Televic D-Cerno AE | centralenhet med USB-C

The D-Cerno AE is the heart of the D-Cerno digital discussion system and is designed to enable your hybrid meeting. Simply connect this central unit to the D-Cerno discussion units and start your meeting.

Televic D-Cerno CUR sentralstasjon med webserver, opptak

- Digital control unit for 50 D-Cerno units - Integrated recording capabilities - Integrated web server for control via tablet, smartphone, ... - Design matching look and feel D-Cerno units. - 4 digital RJ 45 ports - Branch or loop connection (redundancy) - LAN connection for web server or camera control protocol - Plug and Play - Eco Power Safe mode - Power connector with locking - XLR out, XLR in, RCA in and two RCA out - External power supply included

Televic D-Cerno D SL | delegatstation, utan svanhals

Digital Delegate Discussion unit with removable microphone (30, 40, 50 or 70 cm) - Microphone connector - Microphone button and volume control button - Built-in loudspeaker - Headphone connector - Cable of 2 meters included Microphone to be ordered separately

Televic D-Cerno PSU

Spare power supply for D-Cerno CU

Televic D-Cerno SL transportkasse for 12 enheter + CU

D-Cerno SL TC is a high-quality storage case for a complete D-Cerno SL system. The case offers room for 12 D-Cerno SL units, 12 microphones (30, 40 or 50cm) and one central unit, including power supply and cables. The foam inlays have been laser cut, making a perfect fit for the equipment and offering maximum protection against dust and impacts.